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Dylan and Sebastian Guest, identical twin brothers, collaborate within their family-run race team GB Evolution, also known as “The Guesty Boys” working together to build their future. Together they build and fine tune their karts, actively engaging in the mechanics of their own karts. Their track experience is leveraged to optimise their karts for peak performance and to obtain the best lap times and position.



  • Dylan and Sebastian, began their karting journey at 12 years old at The Kart Centre in Canning Vale.
  • They achieved early success during Enduro nights, beating experienced racers, demonstrating their potential.
  • In 2019, they invested in their own karts, entering the KA4 Junior category.
  • They dedicated countless hours to honing their driving skills and mastering kart maintenance and race tuning.
  • They expanded their horizons, competing in state-level races in Western Australia.
  • Their versatility shone as they excelled in KA3 and KA2 competitions.
  • In 2022, they participated in the Australian Karting Championship at prestigious locations across Australia, elevating their skills and reputation.
  • In 2023, they transitioned to the KZ senior class, achieving remarkable results in Western Australia and Nationwide.
  • Their accomplishments in the KZ category have solidified their status as rising stars in karting and motorsport.

Career goals statement

“personal vision for our future career”

  • Compete in 5 rounds of The Australian Karting Championship and place in the top 5 of the Series
  • Compete overseas to gain recognition.
  • Attend Ferrari Academy
  • Plans to transition to Formula 4 as a stepping stone to gain media attention and recognition on the global stage.
  • Dylan and Sebastian aims to progress to the Formula 3 class, which often shares weekends with Formula 1 events, attracting the attention of major motorsport teams.
  • The ultimate goal is Formula 2, a breeding ground for future Formula 1 stars, providing a platform to showcase their skills to a global audience.
  • Their vision extends to entering the global stage of Formula 1 and securing multiple world championships.

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